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The 6 secrets to a successful night's sleep

My boyfriend works night shifts with our older kids at 19 months old, so my evening routine and bedtime are mostly my job. My older child is now 4 and the little one is 1, I have learned that evening routine should be taken very seriously.

Have an evening routine

I've also downloaded an app for my phone that reminds me it's time to start sleeping in the evening. When I hear my phone bell ringing, I know it's the end of the day - a mom on her blog is sharing her secrets. The following 6 tips can help you, as it has helped me.

1. Find a method for you

There are so many books and articles on children's anesthesia. You must have already found a method that matches your philosophy. When my daughter was born, I didn't understand how her sleep pattern could change so suddenly from one day to the other. Valahбnyszor your previous need changed, I flipped through my favorite book to see if it was normal, and how to change the schedule for everyone's benefit.

2. Start the evening routine in time

My goal is to have my girls at 7 in the evening. To do this, at 5 pm, with dinner I start the evening routine. I'll give them enough time to get started. She's overwhelming, not pushing them in the middle, letting them eat. If broccoli is for dinner, my high school girl can eat even an urn. If you want to invest your kids less then you should literally get that much shorter. If 8 hours is your goal, then the sleeping routine should start at 6, so have dinner.

3. There is no room for loudness after dinner

After dinner, the bath comes shortly after. They both love playing between the foams, so I'll leave let's enjoy spanking, as long as possible. We use a lavender whirlpool, it is soothing, and the girls love to play bubble baths.

4. Prepare the ground for sleep

Before the girls arrive in the room, I take the light down, neither dying nor counting, I turn on the mating (which we have a cold for). The pajamas and the diaper are waiting for my baby on the bed right now, and after brushing and turning, I quickly put them on.

5. Give me a diaper for the night

Find the appropriate diaperthat doesn't wake you up at night to make sure your child doesn't wake up (and neither do you). If this one doesn't work, look no further. If you're not a pelus, you're a lucky man. So much less to pay attention to.

6. Don't get lost in the evening routine

Have an evening routine of what you observe it every day. We tell our story before going to bed, but you can pray and sing, which is good. On a regular basis, each one of us regularly chooses a story to read to them, then they get a new kiss and a fire extinguisher. By the end of the tale, my 4-year-old daughter is often asleep. The smaller few still need extra rocking, stroking, but mostly follow the example of a baby. Getting to know the sleep cycle and preparing for a good night's sleep is very important. I insist very much on getting up at 7-7: 30 in the evening, because if I miss this date, I can wait until the next sleep cycle. Of course, it is often difficult to get children to bed, but kцvetkezetessйg kulcsfontossбgъ. Read books, articles, and find the method that works for you.Related articles in evening sleep:
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