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He had to be promoted to be cool in the orphanage

At Futti Children's Home it was 5-6 degrees overnight because the boiler had broken down. It was repaired immediately after Szé Bernadett's share.

He had to be promoted to be cool in the orphanage (photo: MTI / Noemi Bruzбk) Independent House Representative Bernadett Széla made a video on Facebook on Tuesday telling him that Istvánn Kárrolyi Children's Center in Fut is not hot because of the cauldron. At night it is 5-6 degrees, many children and in the cold sleeping and working rooms in the institution are sleeping and working. The politician also said that it would take six million forints to operate the boiler, but that somehow they would not get the money. if private jets were dropped, wouldn't they be able to give $ 6 million to the orphanage? " According to Bernadett Széla, one of the grandparents is expected to seize the area and do what she thinks. The problem has been resolved and the work has been completed. The institution provides Children's Home and Family Services. "