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Cook with less fat, so useful stuff

Excessive energy intake is not advisable even if someone has no weight problems. In particular, you will suffer from a lot of consumed fats if you are using superheated frying oils. Much less would be enough!

You can reduce the fat content of the food on the table

1. Use a non-stick coated pan for making pancakes, patties, eggs and omelettes. You can roast the pancakes cooked in the oil in a frying pan on a good quality roasting paper, though it takes longer. But if you do not have a large quantity, choose this option.

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2. Choose deep frying instead of deep frying in oil! So you can make steamed meat and turn steak fries into spices instead of french fries. The pan-laid slices and potato pieces should be simply sprinkled with oil spray. It is also available in a removable and disposable version. You can save a lot of calories!

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3. Choose a lower fat content as a raw material, like 12 sour cream or natural yogurt instead of 20, and 1.5 percent instead of whole milk. Among the meat, prefer the lean breed, because the fat is stored in a lot of raw material, which also means less on the table.
4. Grilling, roasting, and cooking are all ways you can use to cook special delicacies with the help of minimal fat.


5. Rinse the lean cream instead of the thick butter!
6. Mix butter with cream or grated cucumber, radish, paprika instead of butter. It will be much lighter, finer and more vitamin-rich.
7. Use cold pressed vegetable oil in mayonnaise, but not more than half of the amount given in the recipes.
8. Cooling does not generally require grease in the non-stick pan, but if you want to use it, you need to apply a light silicone grease to the surface.

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Our organization is a source of beneficial resources
Fat is naturally an important part of healthy eating, so there's no need to eliminate it completely. It is indispensable for the absorption of numerous vitamins, for the functioning of the nervous system, and is also an effective way of covering our energy needs.
1. Extremely rich source of fats, vitamins and minerals in all our oils: almonds, hazelnuts, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds. Do not eat your markers in a roasted, steamed form, but use their natural variations, put them in muesli, stews, breakfast porridge, and peppercorns and cook them.
2. Use cold-pressed vegetable oils in salads and pâtés, per person and per serving, per teaspoonful of milk.