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That's why our nose is dry

Also, the use of nasal spray, which is hot due to the warm, dry air of a heated home or a droughty cold, can cause the nasal mucosa to dry out.

Sensation of dry nasal passages can cause not only unpleasant but also a number of health problems: frequent nosebleeds, and patients may become more susceptible to infections. Causes and Treatment of Development dr. Augusztinovicz Monikбt, the Ful-Nasal-Fever Center, an allergologist, has been consulted by a Femoral-Nasal Doctor.

What Can Cause Rhinoceros?

- The air in the heated homes is warm, dry, which can also easily dry out the nasal passages.
- Not only external but also internal hydration can cause nasal discharge. If we do not drink enough fluid, the nasal cavity production capacity will also decrease.
- Nasal droplet use is a common cause. As a result of these changes, the nasopharyngeal blood vessels converge, and the amount of produce produced decreases. All this may be beneficial, but when applied more frequently or for longer periods of time, nasal drops may cause swelling or dryness of the nasal passages.
- Certain drugs - such as those used in the treatment of common cold, allergy - Taking decongestants, antihistamines may also dry the rhinitis.
- Rhinitis can also be a symptom of certain diseases: Sjögren's syndrome is an autoimmune disease that usually causes mucous membranes of the mouth, eyes and nose.
- Dry nose can cause nose bleeds on its own, but if these episodes are repeated frequently, be sure to check your blood pressure as the symptoms can be signs of high blood pressure!
- In women, mucous membranes of the mucous membrane may be affected by hormonal changes. This possibility should also be considered for other symptoms of menopause.

Examination of the nose

In case of chronic rhinitis, it is necessary to perform an examination of the otitis media, to exclude other diseases - advised by the physician of the Femoral Nasal Center. Before the examination, it is worthwhile to think about drugs that have been taken in the immediate or continuous period, diseases that have occurred, and other complaints. After the examination, treatment may continue depending on the result, depending on the result.

How to handle it?

As a general rule, it is recommended that fluid refinement is important for the treatment of complaints, meaning at least 1.5 to 2 liters of fluid per day. Йs szбrнt alcohol, caffeine, these fogyasztбsбt csцkkentsьk.A belsх levegх nedvesнtйsйhez beszerezhetьnk pбrбsнtу kйszьlйket, or a place to hiбnyбban fыtхtestekre full vнzzel edйny can also jу szolgбlatot pбrologtatбs cйljбbуl.A sea water nasal spray tцbb times a day, mellйkhatбsok nйlkьl hasznбlhatу the orrnyбlkahбrtya nedvesнtйsйre .The orrmosбs not only complaints enyhнtйsйben segнt but segнtsйgйvel megtisztнthatjuk the orrьreget the kуrokozуktуl, szennyezхdйsektхl is.Fontos to hasznбljunk developed just for this cйlra kйszьlйket йs fiziolуgiбs sуoldatot orrmosбshoz! Nйzzьk бt regularly picked gyуgyszereinket, if kцztьk is causing orrszбrazsбgot , consult your doctor about the replacement.