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This can make you gluten free

Those who eat gluten often find themselves in the public eye for their fashion habits, despite the fact that in many cases their complaints, which have a negative impact on quality of life, are clearly consumed by gluten.

Common symptoms include abdominal bloatingThe annual congress of the Hungarian Allergic and Clinical Immunology Society (MAKIT), which is attended by several experts at the annual congress, points out that gluten-free eating is not a fashion but a real problem.

There are several ways you can get sick with gluten

There are several types of gluten-dependent diseases. Autoimmune celiac disease and IgE-mediated gluten allergy are the subject of a third course, which was adopted at a consensus conference in London in 2011 NCGS, also known as non-celiac gluten sensitivity he explains dr. Polgár Marianne pediatrician, gastroenterologist, head physician of the Buda Allergy Center, chairman of the MAKIT Dietary Allergy Section.Cцliбkia in the case of genetically affected individuals, the body begins to produce antibodies through the action of gluten, as a result of the autoimmune process, small feathers are killed and consequently can lead to malabsorption of nutrients and vitamins.Allergies to gluten The cause of the complaints has been the abnormal immune response to wheat whites (amylase and trypsin inhibitors, gliadin). In this case, we talk about the immune system, wheat-specific IgE antibodies play a central role in the appearance of the disease. NCGS in the case of gluten consumption, the above differences are not substantiated;

Symptoms of NCGS - What are the Complaints to See a Doctor?

Abdominal stomach, abdominal distention, diarrhea and constipation, loud bowel movements, frequent wheezing, nausea, stomach and oral aphtha may all indicate the disease. In addition, NCGS can cause community complaints, anxiety, headaches, concentration problems, muscle pain, weight loss, depression and skin irritation.

Gluten Free Diet

During the examination, other illnesses should be explicitly excluded and if it is proven that the patient's complaints can indeed be linked to the intake of gluten, henceforth should be gluten-free, your symptoms will only disappear with this effect. Dr. Marianne Polgár said that because of its increased permeability it is often necessary to exclude other foods that cause complaints from the diet.

Social significance of NCGS

Frequency of NCGS in developed countries 6-13% can be done. However, there is still a lot of misinterpretation regarding gluten-free meals; MAKIT Congress, which is to be held in Kecskemét, also has a separate section on this issue. In addition to NCGS, practitioners are keen on the method of cereal allergy screening, the role of endoscopic examination in the diagnosis, and the presence of NCs in the diagnosis of gluten-dependent diseases. Polgбr Marianne said that the planned elхadбsok cйlja to rбirбnyнtsбk professionals figyelmйt the NCGS jelentхsйgйre, such mуdon megelхzzйk both szьksйgtelen йs higher kцltsйggel jбrу glutйnmentes diйtбt йs elkerьljйk the jцvхben to NCGS patients diagnуzis felбllнtбsбig go keresztьl szьksйgtelen vizsgбlatokon.
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