Cold Sores During PregnancyHow Dangerous a Fungal Infection is in Your Baby?

Fungal infections are known to the best women very well: they are accompanied by unpleasant symptoms, itching, irritation, increased anxiety. Pregnant women often get pregnant - how dangerous and when to see a doctor?

Abdominal pregnancy

The vagina has a very delicate microflora, various bacteria and fungi, which among other things help protect against infections. When the delicate balance is upset, the toxic microbes can multiply.
THE The cold button is caused by a fungus called Candida albicanswhich is also present in our body but normally does not cause any problems. However, if the number of "good" bacteria decreases for some reason, candida can multiply and cause problems. What can cause the vaginal bacterial flora to be disturbed? THE Pregnant pregnant women are often toothy infection because hormonal changes during pregnancy may increase the amount of glycogen in the vagina, which is a great breeding ground for mushrooms.
Weakened immune systems, taking antibiotics, and inadequately treated diabetes (pregnancy diabetes, too) can increase your risk of fungal infections! The vaginal sex is not a sexually transmitted disease /// admin / articles / edit / 90324 #, but if the partner has a fungal infection, it can be easily handed back and forth.
During the term, there may be another characteristic of increased vaginal discharge, but also fungal infections may have other symptoms such as itching, redness and slight watery, pain, and tenderness of the vaginal area. The vagina is white, dense, voluminous. When washing, we can feel hungry, stinging, and find sexual intercourse painful.
If you suspect a hot button, it's a good idea to contact us with your problem. On the one hand, you may not have a fungal infection at all (symptoms may be common to other diseases), and an antifungal agent will not be useful against a bacterial infection.
It is also important for the pregnant baby to ensure that the antifungal agent also complies with the stage of pregnancy, and that, due to the hormonal changes mentioned above, infection may become slower and more difficult. If our partner also has symptoms, he or she needs to be treated.
Is Fungal Infection Dangerous For A Newborn Baby? Fortunately not, because it is protected by the uterus, the fetal envelope. Even if the mother is still candid during her childbirth, she has a very low chance of becoming infected. If a fungal infection of the newborn is found (usually in the mouth, with white spots), the baby and breastfeeding mother should be treated equally.
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