This is your time! - So relieve stress!

Your child's activities fill your entire day, so you feel there is never a blank sheet. Don't let your energy reserves run low, take the time to recharge! We have collected the three best stress relieving techniques.

No wonder if your baby is born in this way, you feel your life is turbulent, and you will never slow down. Between feedings, changing pelts and sleeping pills, it is difficult to put yourself in the middle of the crowd - at least for a few minutes. Yet a baby's mother keeps all her records, your anxiety also makes them nervous, tense. Here's the time to make a place on your calendar for yourself!

Reduce stress with meditation

Do not think of any supernatural magical things, especially yogic mantras. In fact, don't even think that you will be able to immerse yourself in mind and soul for the first time. A steady rush forces the body into a state of steady state, a kind of panic that increases the production of stress hormones called cortisol. The purpose of meditation is to help your body relax your body and relieve stress. A few minutes a day of meditation is great relieve tension, help you schedule your time, and make you feel better - the baby will feel the latter too.

Come on out!

Before going to bed: After your baby has fallen asleep, take some time to get rid of the all-day tension before you go to bed. Find a quiet corner, be comfortable, and look closely at your surroundings. Focus on your senses one at a time, keep your senses intact for about 20 seconds - pay attention to the noise you hear, the sounds you hear, the finer touches of your room, your feelings,Against headache: Examine the power of meditation before taking pain-relieving pills. Close your eyes and concentrate on the dominant sensation of your body, whether it is the strain on your fish or the strain on your chest. After a few minutes, the reigning sensation will appear, then pause and do not stop focusing. Do this until you feel the tension in your body slowly disappear.

This is your time! - So relieve stress!

Bless the present!

Are you often scared of the melody, you can't let go of things, or on the contrary, you always have two steps in front of you and always plan for the future? Neither is a good solution, as you will be right there in the middle of what's most important: to live the moments and enjoy every minute of life. Mindfulness, or the technique of the conscious presence, can help you get the most out of your baby's time so that you can be enriched with numerous happy memories instead of monstrous panics and monotonous work.

Come on out!

Quantity instead of quantity: After Bicc, the direction of the baby channel, then comes speech therapy and some developer games, but with many programs, you don't even know where your head really is. Instead of focusing on the amount of social programs, focus on the quality of your time spent together - just playing one hour a day may be enough if you really focus on your child with every nerve.Emlйkeztetх: Do you tend to get lost in the bath or fun and find yourself not even remembering what you're doing today? When you notice that you are reading tomorrow's list of things in your mind while reading a fairy tale, consciously return to the present and notice your small gaze, smile, so you will feel that you are next to it.

Increase your confidence!

You must have heard of the creative power of thought - visualization is about to take on this hidden capacity. All you have to do is give you a detailed idea of ​​what you have seen many times before your spiritual eyes vбgyaidatso sooner or later you will be attracted to them, and they will be looking for currency. If you want to be a model mom, for example, paint a perfect picture of yourself: how do you react to things? The biggest benefit of visualization is that you do not need to be alone, and you can spend a couple of minutes thinking about your important goals while breastfeeding or sanding.

Come on out!

Positive Thoughts: Now you can just let your thoughts drift a bit. Focus on a person or memory that has made you very happy at some point: this may be your first vacation with your couple or the first word of your child. Look past the picture and see how much you spent. Your day will start happier and your sequel will be full of fun.Instant peace of mind: If the little bitter cry starts, don't panic, just take it in your arms and train yourself as you calmly hold a quietly whispering with the baby. Meanwhile, repeat to yourself, "I'm happy, calm, and in my control." Your breathing will slowly slow down and your body will slowly calm down, and you will enjoy the silence again - for a while.