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The child needs people, not smart people

Our children need us first and foremost, people, not objects, not smart people, but we are already addicted to it - the Roman Catholic priest Ferenc Pb, better known as Feri Pb, said in an interview.

The child needs people, not smart peopleFather Feri, a mental health professional, gave an interview to InfoRabid about children's relationships, smart devices, and the language they are in - Your Responsible School:
  • According to Father Feri, wizards carry out destruction similar to warfare in children's personal relationships, and parents are responsible for giving themselves or their wives
  • Early dyskinesia has a life-threatening effect, and according to research conducted by the Semmelweis University Institute of Behavioral Research, Hungarian adults experience 50% dyskinesia
  • A small child does not need smart devices, a loving person is more. It is becoming more characteristic that you get a human (your parents) but an object
  • Smart devices cause addiction to children (also)
  • Using smart devices activates our hub instead of our happiness center
  • Adults need to change first and foremost to see how important it is to develop a willingness to contract in our children. The problem is that adult societies are increasingly dependent on smart devices, and we regulate our short-term emotional stability with our smart devices.
  • The child wants to connect with us, learn how relevant it is. Do not dismiss it if you ask us to talk to our children. You do not want to get information about your requests primarily, but you want to connect with us.
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