Don't give birth, no? Taboos in the family

The kids keep asking. Often also something that we feel weird. However, without exception, the taboo-treated items touch important parts of life, and without them, a small child can only have trouble in the world.

The secrets of the body

The first taboo a small child encounters in his life surprisingly his body. Feeling, seeing, or even mentioning the human body is governed by rules of the Colonel, or just repressed throughout the world. especially the genitals it is limited, but even the exposure of uncovered bodies is completely everyday on television, in billboards, in books and in magazines, and it is difficult to talk about it.
However, children want to understand themselves, their bodies in a way that is understandable, and it is essential for them to get answers to their requests. By her early years, she is already gaining a great deal of experience about her gender, gender differences, and her requests are becoming more and more important. Of course, there is no rule as to what age to tell the little ones. A parent who has a very hard time thinking about talking about "easy" topics can help you call books for children that are relevant to this subject. And the dead moments are perhaps even more than the specific answers. In fact, the child is constantly learning about sex, watching his parents as they linger in the kitchen for a moment, comparing the body of adults with his own, and observing his peers. If we are "okay" with our own sexuality, conversations with the child will be easier.


In older ages, people had trouble talking about sex, but they found that somehow they would do it. Today, we do not hear from the songs what our ancestors "sang". When the things of life were more natural to man, he was not too keen to sing about them - just in a virgin language. The good part of the girls was dealing specifically with sexual issues. We don't have to think much about what the first few lines of the following lines meant: "If you could go to your garden, you could pick up red lipstick ..." Niemi chooses between the lines.

Szьletйs ...

How will the baby be? - You have to prepare for the lurking request. If the little questioner is very tiny, rather than complicated, short, with simple sentences we can best satisfy curiosity. For example, if a man and a woman love each other very much, and want their baby to be born, they first get along as closely as possible. Then, in the abdomen, the dormant seedling begins to grow and develops into a tiny child. Nine months into her mom's stomach, she's finally out of control. This little sentence may be too small for her, but she might ask her more. If you always only answer the request, you need not be afraid to hear something you cannot process on your own.

… And he died

Life is dead. It also fears adults, often with unspeakable sensations. When we lose someone we love so much, we try to keep the children away from the painful condition of mourning. But a little child needs to say goodbye to him or her. This is especially important if you have a very close relative who has a lack of it every day. Adults often stifle their fierce feelings, but that doesn't mean the little one wouldn't know or feel exactly what their parents and relatives would do to themselves.Also, is a natural part of life. If we succeed in accepting this truth, we can share our thoughts with our children. The scary certainty of the mind can alleviate every family member, and everyone will find solace. Old photos with a little peep, a little time spent together, or a blossom on the bar - all help the kid in trouble. parents' thinking. The sincere expression of feelings really supports the child in grief. It is important for the parent to choose according to his or her own conviction: if he or she dares to believe in religion, so if he or she finds the explanations of natural sciences acceptable, then that is the basis.

Everyone else was trying

Why don't we sit with the little black boys? How do you know Dad's bike was definitely stolen by Gypsies? Why couldn't I talk to the white botch? These are also "beggarly" requests that we first have to come up with in order to give a credible answer.The little child sees natural diversity as the most profound thing in the world to my utter surprise he was raised when a different skinny man was picked up on the tram, or at the end of the film, the little girl beside him rolled out of the cinema with his narrow voice, because he was basically they are very accepted - And this attribute would be good for you right from the start. We live up to our ideas or fears with our manifestations or our silences. Adults are already finding it difficult and unfortunately not sure that they want to change their life style, so they should establish a more tolerant behavior at a young age. Today, If we talk openly about why someone else understands and accepts, and does not fit in with the hurtful people who are in a very precarious position, many of them are lonely and sickly. a difficult situation puts the family at risk. Accepting the painful truth, after returning to everyday life, one of the parents' recurring problems is how to help their child integrate into the world. THE environment Determine in these cases. Young children, when given the opportunity to do so, would like to play with, and adopt, their disabled, blind or even mentally handicapped companions. They discover their values ​​and often help each other with a lot of humor in difficult moments. Mutual attention for a deaf and dumb kid is only for the good.

Don't be taboo!

Bone in the closet

"Every family has a skeleton in their closet." English with this enormous expression refers to family secrets. When a child is scared or threatens to come, he or she may feel something terribly wrong about something else. before their children, usually unsuccessfully. Children do not primarily decide what is the case on the basis of the spoken word, but they observe with all the existing senses what is behind the words. The gestures, the phrases, the tension in the air are all clearer. Smaller incidents can keep the child on the agenda, but long-term "anger" is a serious problem. It is even more difficult to survive when a parent has a secret relationship outside the home. When adults talk to him honestly about what he already thinks by himself (at a very young age, he feels that something is really bad), he can easily go through a difficult time. As with everything, of course age appropriate, but definitely so that you can feel that they and their senses are taken seriously.

You're not my mom!

For adopted families, parents sometimes fear that the truth would be too painful for the little ones, but rather hide the facts. Initially, they might even plan to initiate their beloved child into the "secret" when the time comes, but it will never work. Because the bigger the child, the harder it is to face and clarify important requests - and the likelihood of them responding to their parents' rejection and grieving.
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