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Autumn poems for children

Children start talking at the age of two and a half. Seasonal verses and sayings can also help a lot in the speech development process.

One of the most well-known autumn poems that everyone knows is derived from the pen of Sándor Weцres.Autumn
The hawthorn glows,
Hawthorn is glowing
The spike is hanging,
Winds running back and forth,
The hawthorn trembles
If the moon is on
Fill in:
They think it's nice,
She starts to sing.
Autumn at night
The hawthorn glows,
Hawthorn is glowing

The alбbbi mondуka also hamisнthatatlanul хszi:

Fat cat, pool,
but big tummy tuck!
Nх the tуcsa, swell, hнzik,
my shoes barely see!
All water and mud,
This хsz, йs not nyбr!

Tarbay Ede Хsz-anyу cнmы poem can be big favorites:

Tufted-kendхs Хsz- anyу
sweeps in the garden,
red-gold leaf
ripeg-cropog, zörren.
She washes her clothes in the morning,
all the steam in the forest,
laundry kitchen in the world,
the valley is a laundry.

Prуbбljatok out pбr rцvidebb versikйt too!

Elmъlt the nyбr, it's хsz,
Szхlхt хriz of you have already csхsz.
The wheat's eyes popped open
does the baby love me?
If you don't like forgiving,
I will be the mбs babбja.Oktуber ber, ber, ber,
man is bothered by it.
Szlltt laces her dere,
йdes be szьretre.Kemйny diу, mogyorу,
this is something for a little dude.
Outside it,
Tйlen also elropogtatja.Sцtйtben fъj the szйl,
long foot to the ground.
You knock under Eaves,
do not bend out, you can catch! It is raining, dripping,
yellow leaf peel.
Feri, Teri picks up,
red apple, but round,
let's taste it, kids!
You're cute, aren't you?
Autumn-mom brought it to us.
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