An interactive workshop was held at the Budakeszi Wildlife Park

The interactive, newly opened educational booklet of Budakeszi Wildlife Park offers another playful solution for direct, nature-rich nature education of children, MTI said.

Informative shutdown

The guide, linked to the park's existing trails and animal outings, provides even more informative relaxation for families. task and adventure.In addition to playful puzzles, there is a "loud blackboard" located at some places to play the sounds of nearby, wildly rare animals, and a trace of tremendous . The fьzet contains fajrуl a small leнrбst a szнnezхt йs kьlцnbцzх fejtцrхket also named the kalandozбs бllomбsai also rцgzнthetхek benne.A lбtogatуk megleshetik jбrу the itatуra birds, all of them under non-utolsуsorban, valуdi horns йs antlers palpable, the ugrуpбlyбn "цsszemйrhetik" ьgyessйgьket the бllatvilбg champion of , you can explore different species of plants and animals in the memorial, and learn about many bird species.
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