What do you mean if you don't like rocking?

Children mostly like rocking, and rocking is a developmental effect on their nervous systems. But what if our child does not yet love the toy?

What do you mean if you don't like rocking?Rocking is a great job and this game is also a great help to your child's development. Rocking helps improve the balance of the child, strengthens the relationship between the two minds, and, as a result, the child's coordination and thinking ability. Exercise also strengthens the muscles, aids in learning how to control parts of the body, in exercising in space, and teaches the child to motivate and stop movements.


We use the swing developer power from a very young age and recommend it to mothers - I learned dr. Cziniel Munika, neonatology, pediatric neurolysis. The mother can rock the baby in her hands or on her own, but with her fingertips on it, she can rock the baby with the help of the dad as he says, sings to him. safety and graduality are what we can help her with - emphasizes the doctor.

If you don't want to rock?

If a child does not like to rock, that does not mean that he is ill - it may be due to a sensory, previous bad experience. We do not even enjoy traveling by boat, there are some who cannot read while traveling, there are people who have lunges, especially children, who can even travel on a longer bus. If we also perceive uncertainty, inaccuracy, and delirium in the child as well as other movements (of course, at the age of majority, there is a full physiology in the childhood period). It is worth excluding that there is no visual or auditory or balance disturbance in the backgroundwhich makes the child insecure - the doctor emphasizes. Remembering that the nervous system is a challenge is a combination of learning and reconciliation processes. One can feel safe in his environment when the right (sensory) stimuli enter the brain and they are processed properly. Just think how insecure we are when we are blindfolded - bring up an exemplary eye of the doctor. the muscles send information about the state of tension or the business. For a simple swing, it seems that countless muscle groups have to give the right guidance at the same time to maintain proper posture.

So help him

It's important to always put your child in the right swing - says dr. Cziniel Munika. In New Year's Eve, we have a swing that is designed specifically for them, and provides a horizontal lying position, and after that, we need to stay safe, swing, and have more tempo, change the direction of the impulses and the strength, and do not overdo the baby! the doctor advises. If you don't dare to swing by yourself, let's get in our way and get in a swing or hanging, for example, where we swing with it. In a safe environment, with the help of a patient parent who sings in the middle, it is easier to become accustomed to and enjoy rocking the little one.Related articles in pricing:
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