If you have trouble with your child

Children, as small as they are faithful, are so keen on the world… It is worth teaching them right from the very beginning what to do if they get into trouble.

Kids have no idea what can happen to us - um we parents know all too well that the world is full of dangerous situations. There is no need to scare the kid with junk people and mummy, and the world carries much more danger. Instead of a fairy tale let's play more situations with usso it's easier to remember and remember what you need to do.
From school age, feel free you can take the "what to do if" question in the game. What do you do if you lose? Should Mom go crazy? If a stranger says you give you sugar? Listen to your answers and let's play together what would be the right solution.

Know the basics!

It is very important that you know your own name - not only that it is called Chi or Nyunyu at home, and it is not enough just to say your first name. You should know a his full name, ask this often, and praise it if you choose well!
However, this is not enough! You need to know the names of Dad and Mom! Even preschoolers often choose to call their father a father and be prepared. However, if a child is lost, it is important that you are able to say it!

Phone number, cnm

It would be nice if the child knew this information, too before the age of four, there is little chance that you can recall it in panic. We can give it to you karkцtхtthat has all that important information on it, in a cluttered place, on the beach, on the playground, you can put a pen on your career. But if you don't want anyone to read it, let's put a inside the shoes. Explain to the child that if you lose, you are in trouble, you should take it down and show it. If there is no problem, no one will see it.

Can you call now?

Let's bet you play phone, but that's not enough. At any time you may you need to call for help A two-year-old kid rescued his mother, who had fallen off his head, by calling his grandmother and telling her he was in trouble. And trouble can happen anytime. One of the advantages of modern phones is that you do not have to dial numbers one after the other. Program it gyorshнvбsra the closest relatives, and Practice regularly with your child how to make phone calls. You will enjoy being able to call your grandmother alone on landlines and mobile phones. And we can be much more secure with it if you can.


Little kids often get upset with their moms and disappear in the eyes of a crowded shop in a park. According to experts the smartest thing is for the child to stay still and start yelling. Many parents fear that this may be dangerous, or may call their attention to a potential child abductor - but this is not the case. Kidnappers love the quiet kids and do not like to attract attention. But for a ordained child, everyone is paying attention.
If your kid is not a panic type or doesn't want to yell, go there for another mother who looks like a woman (possibly for someone who is just having a kid) and attitudes ask for help. This is almost always a good tip: moms can really feel the situation, they will not flip the baby, and they will not rest until they are returned to their parents.

What do you tell the stranger?

We would like to believe that "bad guys" take children away, but unfortunately good-looking, well-mannered adults abduct children many times because they aren't afraid of them.
If you tell your child not to talk to strangers, you just confuse him - you will see that we are constantly talking to strangers, and we are constantly encouraged to talk to others we do not talk to. What is more confusing is that sometimes it is okay to accept sugar from a neighboring woman.
For we know for a moment that trouble is not with speech and wisdom, but about taking it somewhere. It must be made clear to the child that, under no circumstances, can anyone go out - no matter how kindly someone asks - for permission from their parents. The trick of most pedophiles is to ask a child something they can't or won't refuse because it would be rude. Usually you are asked to help the child find their dog or he has dropped the key and his hand does not enter the channel, only the little child. Please explain: Never, under any circumstances, is it wrong for an adult to ask for help from a child or to call her parents for any reason. Explain to the child that he / she can say no and run to his / her parents immediately and tell them what he / she has done. We'll do the right thing!Also worth reading:
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