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The Best Children's Day Programs in 2015Programajбnlу

Children's Day is a great time for a meaningful family break. In our program, we offer exciting and entertaining children's day programs throughout the country.

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Children's Day Programs in Budapest

Erkel Sinhbaz
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The Second Year is the Millennium Children's Day at PlayKID, which aims to offer a high-quality program for families, with more than a hundred free games. This is a fun, entertaining and entertaining event for all. With a variety of programming and music, it offers an unforgettable experience, from the youngest to the oldest, with parents looking for a wealth of useful and interesting activities.


Children's Day is celebrated on May 31st in Gyul, Radu Island. Throughout the day, they process the tales of Elek Benedek and the Hungarian Nephews. You will have the opportunity to meet tales and characters in stage productions and playhouses, and play and liven them up in crafts.
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On the last Sunday in May, we wait for the family at the Historical Theme Park with a colorful children's day. Theatrical performances and concerts, interactive play programs and playhouses, crafts, NGO presentations and programs, and artistic performances welcome children and families.


There will be an animation workshop for children in the Kecskemét program, organized by the Kecskemét Cartoon Studio. Entertaining babysitters expect big and small. The Palinta Society comes with an interactive concert, lots of games, music, squatting, and movement. We could be a part of a playground playground where the show's ubiquitous songs are made with children and their original size.


After the seventh week of preaching, every child can be a king in the White Church during the May Seventh Week Play Festival. From May 30 to 31, the city center will change into a whirlpool playground, where kids can choose between crazy, cinematic, creative, relaxed, and cheerful, cheerful.
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The Szeged Wildlife Park offers a wide range of fun programs for kids and big ones on Children's Day. That day, on the birthday of the Wildlife Park, the center will be the youngest inhabitants of the zoo!


If it is a child's day then it means one in Miskolc with the airport. The inquirers are waiting all day for high-quality change and fair mood. For children and adults, there is a full day of events, bands, stairs, exhibitions and fun. Of course, it is also possible to fly during the day. Admission to the event is free.


There will be several children's day programs in the city. At the Kölcsey Center, Judit HalĂĄsz is looking forward to entertaining concerts, a road safety contest on the Dezsõ Square in Baltazár and many more.


In the Eger Castle on Children's Day, we invite the youngest to an adventure in history. Vitzi's pruba, Grabonyi-kuck, prom, and historical playhouses showcase how children lived their lives in the Middle Ages. Knowledge and conditions acquired can be discussed in the manual workshops of the Web site.


On the last Sunday in May, at 3:30 pm, children were invited to play at the Dam Square to discover the new location together with Lace and Moch. From here it leads to the Liszt Center, the Children's Day of the Anniversary, where lots of games await their children. The Movement Rhythm Lendellet Club continues with fun cheering on Childrens Day. The programs come with the pair of men-lover, Lace and Moss.
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