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"I'd rather poke a little angry look into my pocket than to have a tragedy!"

Childrens In Western Europe, childrenswear has been a popular childrens safety device for decades, and there are hardly any baby stores in the country. Unprecedented help, or another unnecessary piece of childhood?

"I'd rather poke a little angry look into my pocket than to have a tragedy!" (post: iStock)We wanted to find out what is the best way to share a baby bib and why it is worthwhile for every parent who is raising a young child to grow a baby. move freely, use both hands in the dark, but your hands can still protect you from danger. By using childrens in large numbers (events, public transport, airports) and busy sections, we can keep our babies safe, even when active, so they do not need to spend much time. Not to mention the extent to which parents with hyperactive, attention-impaired or autistic children can help with such a device. Police statistics also show that thank you. And while the vast majority of child casualties are lost in the lives of cars, the authorities also emphasize the importance of our role in ensuring that pedestrian / bicycle traffic is safe and secure. they see the world, they have neither the danger nor the proper knowledge of transport. Live to Adults "- read the ORFK National Accident Prevention Committee's website. The "cushion" of the mostly cushioned tapes is available in a number of different forms. There are simple pencil versions, costume variants (we have already met some angel wings, and batman versions), but there are also quite a few practical backpacking alternatives available.

But if the security harness is such a super little thing, what's the big deal about it?

There are many people who have a negative opinion about using dust. Many people are lazy enough to name their moms who use the mice - who can really save a few kilometers of extra run, but who do not want it - for the development of children.Juli Years ago, he just got a baby boy for his toddler, but he was so much affected by the reaction that he quickly suspended the use of the device. " with events, and besides the five I felt more secure with the little one, but I was unable to let go of the comments, the gaze of the requesters we received during our walk. I have always picked up Lili in the shimmer places, and much more in her stroller, less could go after her own head, but that's for sure, big group big I wouldn't let myself be kidnapped by the kid m "- remembers the mother a little sadly.Erika, a mother of two with no worries about parenting, and when her second child began to come confidently, she did get a pair of baby toys. " however, I was halfway to the end of my second pregnancy, and the baby was already in the midst of twisting and wild-motoring, and then the pike caught me. before I was 8 months pregnant, screaming sprinting after the kid who rushed over the body as if he hadn't even found it. Unfortunately, the situation got worse after my baby was born. against getting caught in my hand or in the stroller en "- shares her reasons for using childrens toys Erika.Zita the mother of a twin couple, and as their sons started to come out, they didn't need any extra help. " When one ran to the right and the other to the left, when I just caught one before he slipped into the junk, the other one was eating something out of the middle of the trash can. I just pushed them in a stroller, but they got bored very quickly. Then I met with the baby stranger, which changed our minds completely, they are completely in control of them. as a mother, "recalls the mother.When we asked our moms what kind of they received feedback, agreeing that there was mostly a negative overtone to the mourning of children. Not only did my grandparents keep following me because of the use of "dust", but they themselves were unwilling to put it on my little son when they watched him occasionally. Many of these tensions have been given to us. The street "dreadlocks" have left me cold, so I'm an exhibitionist, and at home I can only look at a man with a hat, as if he were a bit of an antics. I remember getting calls two times. Another mom once asked if she was not keen on the baby and that the harness was tight, because she seemed to bring the baby back very much. The second time at the bus station, a grandmother called her a "modern mom" in her voice, "says Erika, who has since given the same name to her. use of harness, so I was not interested in what kind of reactions you pick from others. Because boys are identical twins and really like two eggs, so many smiles, and "God, they are cute!" kind of expenses. Of course, I had bad experiences, sometimes it happened that we were lost, and even some rumorous mum's gossip came back to me who considered me humiliated, but I liked it in an unexpected moment and lose one of my children "- shares twin mother Zita. a safety bracelet that strengthens the child and parent wrist to help prevent accidents - can often save lives.Related articles:
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