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Safety in the SwingHow do you choose your parent's safe outdoor play for your child?

Outdoor play plays a very important role in the healthy development of children. For safe and long-term use, it is worthwhile to thoroughly examine your chosen outdoor game before purchasing it.

Safety in the swing

Forgetting ball, skipping, rollerblading, swinging and sliding not only brings the little body-soul into harmony, but for social and cognitive development is also essential. REGIO GAMES has collected the most important information for buying outdoor games.

The physiological effect of pricing

Rocking is not just a pleasant activity, but it is also helpful in children's development: it improves balance and movement coordination, to prepare for the later arousal and to remedy any learning disabilities. In addition, it strengthens the parent-child relationship, because until the child learns to swing unsteadily, he or she is dependent on the parent because he or she drives the swing.

Home playwright

Special attention must be paid to the recommended age and assembly and installation instructions when installing swing and spout in the garden. Before buying, it is also important to note how much free space is available, so that both swings and slippers should have a safety barrier both before and after (The swing is at least 2-3 meters forward and backward depending on the vertical plane of the swing!).
By age, there are basically two types of outdoor swings: for those under the age of 3 there is a swing price and for swingers over the age of 3. Children under the age of 3 have swings of special shape and size to prevent the child from falling out. Kids swings are marked with "Not suitable for children under the age of 3" with an expanded 0-3 yrs red circle warning pictogram.
The hook shall be bent at 540 degrees, min. It should be screwed into a 5 cm thick wood. Requires regular maintenance, moving metal parts should be oiled, swing hoop wear on the suspension and condition should be checked!

Roller skates, skates, skateboards

Particularly true for wheeled games, it is worth buying them first and foremost in a store that is trustworthy. On the street, at the bottom, at the market, etc. DON'T TRY, ANYTHING SELLS THE SELLING PORTAGE!
The weight limit of 20 kg (or 50 kg) must be indicated on the pack of the game roller, skateboard and skateboard.

5 Tips for Conscious Gaming

  • The games you want to buy (and their packaging) must be dry, unpeeled and suitable for children. The manufacturer generally recommends the recommended age for the packaging of the product. If this is not the case, ask the seller!
  • Look for a user guide in Hungarian. All products on the market have to be accompanied by a user manual in Hungarian, except for games whose use is very clear (eg ball, beaker). In addition to the rules for safe use, it should include, if applicable, an assembly and maintenance part.
  • Look at the CE marking. Toys that are marketed in the United States must be packaged with the CE mark, which ensures that the stability and stability of the games (the efficiency of its brushes, its covers, its joints, the size of its mountains, its edges, etc.) has been certified by the Certification Authority, the product has been safely.
  • Check the factory. See if the following information is available: make, model, serial number, model number, and manufacturer / distributor availability. If they are missing, the products will not be identifiable, and will be avoided.
  • Let's pay attention to the korhatбr-besorolбsra. Not only is the age of the recipient, think of the little brother, as it may be easy for them to play games in their hands.

Inspection, maintenance

For outdoor games, the regular check and the maintenance required by the operating instructions. The garden-equipped games are worth a week, and the outdoor ball games are worth a try before each use.